Saturday, October 14, 2006

New laptop, new post

Typing this from my brand new MacBook Pro; I'm very happy. Really nice machine, really easy to set up and migrate from my old, trusty TiBook. This makes me a firm believer in Apple. Nice one, guys! This thing's a beaut'!

Lots of interesting articles and things to consider lately. Here is a nice selection.

Open Type? Adobe? PDF? Font Management? All you need is a paintbrush. A great selection of Balinese typography (via PingMag); hand-painted. This is skill, people.

Hanayo, yes, that
Hanayo, having worked with Panacea, doing other stuff. How cool. (again, via PingMag)

For fans of Maeda's S I M P L I C I T Y, here is the Phillips Technology "Sense and Simplicity" PR Campaign. Some good stuff in here. I recently finished reading Maeda's "Laws of SIMPLICITY" book. I found it to be a good read, but I found it to be rather rough around the edges and had the feeling of being rushed to print. Nevertheless, it needs to exist, and does.

BibliOdyssey is something I could scroll through for days. Now you can, too. Amazing.

Real-time disaster tracking. This map has a view of incidents worldwide. This one has a map of the United States. When you click on an incident icon, you get a zoom-able Google Map of where the incident took place. Quite incredible. I noticed that they have had an incidence of Avian Flu in Montana recently, for instance.

Check out these amazing archival pictures of grain elevators! I cannot overstate how much I love things like this. (via Pruned)

And, in the, this is what Phil lusts for category: The Adobe Type Collection. Why the hell is this so expensive? It's probably worth it, but damn.

So, check this out. You can undo Adobe PDF password protection using the Mac OS ColorSync utility! (via MacOSXHints)

10:47pm, Seattle time. I just looked out the window to my left and noticed it was raining. Pleasant.

Currently listening to, Neurosis - "The Eye of Every Storm". I'm still not sold on this record, really. I guess they have two new ones coming out real soon.

I'm not busy. Justin K. Broadrick is. Man.


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