Monday, September 25, 2006

"I can't believe you're still using that screen saver," she said.

Whatever. I came upon these cool screen savers that plasq makes. (via Create Digital Motion)

There is (apparently, don't laugh - altho I get quite lonely, I can't know everything) a technology that ships with OS X Tiger called Quartz Composer, upon which these screen savers are based. Here is some more information on Quartz Composer (QC), via Apple, via Wikipedia, and via QuartzComps.

Plasq also makes this thing called Wormhole that looks toooooo cool.

And from the "You're not old skool" file comes this. That's right, wood and some other components.

Yes, I like John Frusciante. Check out this interview with him on effects, etc. Complete with close-up pictures of his live pedalboard!

The most excellent Gutterbreakz blog is offline for a redesign, but they've left us PLENTY to read and listen to. That Blogroll list down the left alone is awesome! Thanks!

26 years ago today, one of my heroes, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin died of an alcohol overdose. Go watch some videos of Bonham and some Bonham enthusiasts.

Speaking of music and heroes, there is a community developing around The Mahavishnu Orchestra. A new book about the band, some collectible artwork, musical analyses, etc. are all surfacing. Go here for more. Some looks quite wack, but some looks quite interesting for the nerdily inclined.


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