Saturday, September 02, 2006

Tonight's late-night snack partner

Here she is. Lucky me! Cat bro!

I had my lawn mowed today, and tonight, she appeared. I know she's been around because I've seen her scurrying away when I pull up to my place. When I went out for coffee at like 10:30 tonight, she was there, and I coaxed her into playing with me. I played with her until she (playfully) bit me. But she was giving me super hard headbutt action! I went in and got a bowl of my cat's dry food and left it for her. The first pic there is of her trying to figure out what to do with the big white bowl.

When I came back from coffee like 45 mins later, she was still there, lying on my cool garden wall. (!!!) I hit the supermarket on the way back and I got 3 cans of soft/wet food that were on sale. I opened one of those babies, and she went to town! Very happy. Very very very happy cat. More hard headbutting!

She is a female, and as you can see, she has a calico sort of pattern. She appears to be feral, yet also appears to be declawed. Interesting. She is pretty skinny and was obviously very hungry. I'll try to go out and meet her again tomorrow night with more food.

My new neighborhood cat bro!


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