Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A swarm.

A swarm of interesting things.

Flash books with turning pages and background music. Speaking of books, check out the amazing Bird Hand Book. And, Historical Anatomies on the Web. And Life and Death Masks.

Someone is interested in this. How cool.

Cool online indie films.

Look! Code tools for writing generative forms into PDF files. Neato!

An interesting photostream of sketches, generative art, and Proce55ing. And the quite cool 50 People See photostream.

Math-y stuff! What's special about this number? Multiplicative persistence. Wallpaper groups.

Hello, Sun.

Japanese War Tuba and more. (via MusicThing) Acoustic radar. Sure, the Germans were in on acoustic radar, too.

The story behind "ni channeru".

Currently listening to Slayer, "Seasons in the Abyss".


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