Thursday, June 29, 2006

Baby, I could use a meal.

Yet another IQ Test. Try it out. I scored in the 130 range. Woo, I'm smart or something. I don't have nearly as much free time as my fascination with these things might suggest.

Beautiful photos of the first millionth of a second, by Edgerton's Rapatronic device. (via Gravestmor). More here.

Two great sites about computational art. evolutionzone and; clicking around on the little thumbnails on the left leads you to cool things like GasWorks. Have a look at evolutionzone's workshop page. And friends of - jump off!

More on Proce55ing: processinghacks codetree (this is awesome!). I have gotten no closer to my dreams of learning the language and doing something original, although I have played around with some code and various samples. Another good collection of pages about generative code/art. has good computational graphics stuff and a great Flash presentation.

Superformula (via dataisnature)!!! (Or, your graphics can look like Autechre sounds.) This leads naturally to a discussion of vvvv, and a discussion of why it's not Mac-based yet. Tawk amongst y'selves.

I think I've pointed this one out before, but it's worth mentioning again. Schiffman's Nature of Code lectures.

Oh, and speaking of free time, Free Science and Video Lectures Online. No, I mean good ones - Knuth and some classics.

Subtopia. Quite a dense and intense blog.

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