Thursday, March 30, 2006

Implode the music biz, part I

Bring your iPod to a friend's house. Download iPodViewer. Trade music files with them.

Small victories amongst the usual pangs of anxiety. Parked for 1.5 hours having only paid for 30 mins; knowing that, I really enjoyed my nap. Watched A Joyful Noise with Erin. Been thinking about the commitment of those musicians. Mind-blowing. For instance, (paraphrasing) if you follow the leader, you live where the leader lives. And the discussions about how their involvement in the music transcended any scene other than what was going on at Sun Ra's house. Including any social scene(!!!). Intense for a bunch of young male musicians. Super intense.

Last night, I saw Gogol Bordello with Erin. That was another level of ... Now I know what my friend Matski was saying when he mentioned these guys with such reverence. Execution.

Get committed.


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